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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Subscription Messaging

Facebook Subscription Messaging

It goes without saying that Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging app as of the moment. It has more than 1 billion active users, positioning it as one of the top marketing platforms for you to take advantage of in 2019.

Before fully committing to this platform, however, you need to be aware of the limitations. Having a strong understanding of the types of messaging Facebook allows is a must!

The first messaging type is Standard Messaging, which is the default permission type for all Facebook business pages.

This option allows page owners to send promotional and non-promotional messages to a user as long as its within a 24-hour period of the user’s last engagement. After that period, you’re only allowed to send one message and wait for the user to reply before you can send another message.

The other messaging type is Subscription Messaging, which requires special approval from Facebook that you need to apply for.

This article will show you exactly how to get apply and approved for Subscription Messaging!


What is Facebook Subscription Messaging?

To understand Facebook subscription messaging you must first understand Facebook Messenger’s 24+1 policy. When a user sends a message to your page in the first 24 hours, you will be allowed to send unlimited out bound messages to the user, both non-promotional and promotional. Once the first 24 hours is over, you’re only allowed to send one additional message to a user and this can be promotional or non-promotional.

However, you have the option to pay to send a promotional or non-promotional message once you are outside this time frame if you need more using Facebook’s sponsored messages placement.

This is Facebook standard 24+1 messaging policy that every business page is approved for by default.

Being approved for Facebook subscription messaging allows you to send messages to your subscribers outside of the 24+1 limits as long as they are non-promotional messages.

Why Do I Need Subscription Messaging Permissions?

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2019, Facebook is requiring page-level subscription messaging permissions.

Previously Facebook required these permissions at the “App” level. Meaning Opesta applied for subscription messaging permissions and was able to allow all our users to user our messaging permissions provided users followed messaging best practices.

Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes

Source: Facebook for Developers

Essentially, rather than allowing Opesta’s subscription messaging permissions to apply to all users, now page owners have to be approved on a Facebook business page basis.

How to Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging

Cast all your fears aside for it is free, easy, and quick to apply for this helpful Facebook permission. Although, each application is manually reviewed so it will most likely take a bit of time to be approved. It’s important therefore to do your application right the first time, so follow the instructions below to give you the best chance!

Step 1: Request Subscription Messaging in Facebook Page Settings

Go to your Facebook page and choose Settings:

Facebook Business Page Settings

Choose Messenger Platform:

Facebook Messenger Settings

Look for the Advanced Messaging Features, click on it, and request subscription messaging:

Request Subscription Messaging

Step 2: Complete the Short 3-Part Application 

The request for Subscription Messaging comes in three steps: you need to choose from three predefined categories, describe the nature of the messages sent from your page, and give some examples.

These are your three category choices:

  • News – News messages generally contain information for a specific category or interest. Please keep in mind that “company updates” will not qualify as news in Facebooks eyes.
  • Productivity – These messages should provide updates that promote personal growth and productivity such as reminders and calendar events.
  • Personal Tracking – Personal Tracking messages, as the name implies, are essentially messages that give updates on personal details be it financial, fitness, wellness, or health.

Message Categories


Most businesses would likely choose News or Productivity since the third category is quite specific. Generally most use cases in Opesta relate to providing valuable information about specific topics or reminders of online or offline events a user has registered for.

In the “Provide additional details” section, you should describe the nature of the messages you will be sending from your page and give a general idea of how often these are sent. This could be general information about the industry your business relates to or simply reminder messages for online events a user has requested to receive.

For the Opesta page we said, “Opesta sends periodic messages related to news about marketing and advertising. In addition to these messages we will also send online event reminder messages to users who have requested them.”

After describing the messages your page will send, provide some examples of those messages.

Subscription Message Examples

Once your page gets approved of this service, you will get a notification and your Advanced Messaging Features should looks like this:

Tips for Writing a Facebook Subscription Message Request

When you apply for Facebook’s subscription message, you’re essentially agreeing that you’ll only send non-promotional messages outside of the 24 hour engagement window. That means the messages you share in your examples should be non-promotional messages.

If the examples you share seem like they could be promotional in anyway, even simply linking to your website, there is a chance you wont get approved. Each request is reviewed manually so you never know exactly what one person will consider promotional and another not. Best to error on the side of caution here when you are applying.

Where you may noramlly put a link you can instead say things like, “Check the website for more info”, “Head on over to the YouTube channel to get all the details”, etc.

Finally, since application requests are reviewed manually, you won’t be given the exact date or time of the approval. Some approvals are completed in a couple of days, while others could take months. It depends on the information you give them.

If you have multiple pages, you’ll have to send a request for each page, unfortunately. This is due to Facebook switching to page-level approval.

Things to Remember:

  • These should be non-promotional message examples
  • Each application is being reviewed by a real human, so be thorough.
  • When giving examples, make sure it fits the type of message. Pages will most likely apply to be able to send news or productivity updates.
  • If the nature of your application is for news updates, the examples you have to give should be news updates, and not other things like promos, discounts, etc.

What Should I Do If My Application Wasn’t Approved?


There have been tons of page admins denied these permissions who have gone on to get fully approved, so don’t worry if you were too. What you have to know at this point is that you can apply as many times as you want — there’s no limit as far as we know.

If you try talking to other page admins, you’ll be relieved to know that most of them needed to apply several times before being granted that sweet green checkbox. While waiting, you can still use Messenger’s other messaging types anyway so there’s no need to freak out.

If you are having trouble getting approved feel free to reach out to Opesta’s awesome support team through our in app chat and ask for help writing your sample messages and business details.

If you do reach out please share as much about your business as possible so the team can help craft an accurate submission with you!

Another amazing resource is our video guide that will walk you through the entire Facebook subscription messaging submission step by step!

What Will Happen If I Don’t Apply for Subscription Messaging?

Facebook Messenger, in the past, was only used to be able to talk to friends and catch up with family. Today, it is one of the most powerful online tools to build customer relationships and brand presence. And it makes sense, considering Facebook Messenger is the second-most popular form of customer communication, according to a Nielsen survey. Customers send approximately 1 billion messages to companies and stores each month, which means you shouldn’t miss this opportunity of getting as close as you can to your target audience.

If you don’t apply for this service, you will lose the ability to send non-promotional content outside of the 24 hour window on Jan. 1, 2019. So really, it cannot be stressed enough that it’s crucial for you to apply for subscription messaging or forever lose the more than 1 billion active users Facebook Messenger has.

If you got rejected on your first time, apply again. That’s totally fine. If you miss the application, your only option is to send sponsored promotional content, which means you’ll have to pay for every message you send.

Are You Using Facebook Messenger Effectively?

As a platform that has the global reach to a billion people. Facebook Messenger has tons to offer businesses and companies. Being able to communicate directly to your target audience will result in stronger customer relationships.

Social media first caught the attention of many companies, but as technology continued to evolve, companies wanted something more specific and tapped into the right resources. With Facebook Subscription Messaging, you get to serve your customers better without investing a ton of cash.

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