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How to Increase Your Webinar Conversion Rate Using Facebook Messenger

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Most webinars have fewer than 50 attendees.

That’s an abysmal number.

What’s going on here?

Even if a webinar gets lots of registrations, not that many people follow through and actually attend.

Unfortunately, people lose interest, change their minds, or simply forget about the webinar.

It’s a shame because there’s a lot of missed opportunity there.

73% of B2B marketing and sales leaders say the best way to generate high-quality leads is through webinars.

Think of all those leads you’re missing out on if registrants don’t attend your webinar.

So how do you increase your webinar conversion rate?

It starts by having people opt-in to receive communications from you on Facebook Messenger.

From there, you have to do your best to engage users and show them the value your webinar will bring to them.

It is possible to up your conversion rates. You just need to know how.

Optimize Webinar Landing Pages

Before we even get to Messenger, you need people to sign up for your webinar.

A strong landing page will increase the number of webinar registrations.

Firstly, you need to know what a good conversion rate for landing pages in your industry is.

If you know the benchmark conversion rate, you can better assess how well your landing pages are working.

Median conversion rates range from 2.8% to 6%.

Lead generation conversion rates (Image Source)

Let’s say you offer business consulting services, and the average landing page conversion rate is 5%.

So, drive more traffic to your pages that are performing well, i.e., 5% and above.

Your landing pages under 5% need more work.

What kind of work?

How do you optimize a landing page to increase webinar conversions?

It starts with a hook.

This is something that will lure in the registrants.

Take a look at this webinar landing page template from Unbounce:

Finding work you love(Image Source)

The hook here is ‘10 Job Hacks That Will Make Work Feel Like Play’.

It’s a highly appealing and unique idea.

Julie Stoian at Click Funnels recommends using this template to generate a great hook:

“How I/We _____________ (use something like doubled, tripled, 10x-ed)_______________Our ___________ (sales, customers, clients, leads, units sold, something your customer WANTS)_____________ with This/These _________ (insert a number)_________ Strategy/ies (tactics, systems,), and Why It Took/Without _________, __________, and ______________.”

You’ll end up with something like this:

“How We Tripled Our Webinar Conversions With These 10 Simple Strategies And Why It Takes Less Time and Effort Than All The Other Strategies Out There”

Then you’ll want to add three major secrets people will learn in your webinar.

Check out this example from Kissmetrics:

optimizing your ecommerce store(Image Source)

The three secrets highlight exclusive elements that will make people desperately want to join this webinar.

In this case, it’s insight and new research.

You may also want to add a timer to give a sense of urgency.

creating a sense of urgency on a webinar(Image Source)

Furthermore, information on the speakers is a must.

It’s alluring because it displays the level of expertise on offer.

This example comes from a HubSpot webinar on Facebook best practices:

presenting your webinar(Image Source)

Now we come to the all-important part.

You’ll need a button on the landing page which allows users to opt-in to receive communications from you in Messenger.

increasing number of people attending webinar(Image Source)

Email is old news.

Having users sign up through Messenger makes it so much easier for them and you to stay in touch.

You can even make this a required option for those signing up for your webinar.

Now you can set up automated messaging sequences to contact registrants.

Automate Messages

Marketing automation is the way forward.

It increases the efficiency of repetitive tasks.

Plus, it leads to better conversions.

66% of those who have adopted it say they did so to get higher quality leads.

As I said at the start, few people who sign up for webinars actually attend them.

To get a higher conversion rate, automate messages to stay in touch with registrants.

Facebook Messenger chatbots have significantly higher open rates and click-through rates than email.

Marketing guru Ben Beck did some extensive testing to prove this.

email marketing success rates vs chatbot(Image Source)

He found that an above average-performing email has an open rate of around 35%.

The chatbots he tested had an open rate of around 89% and 93%.

So registrants are much more likely to see your communications if you use Messenger.

This gives you more opportunity to persuade them to attend

Once registrants opt-in to receive messages from you on Facebook Messenger, the first message in your automated sequence should be a welcome message.

sending webinar welcome message(Image Source)

Then you can send further messages with the aim of building anticipation for your webinar.

For instance, you could send a teaser video for the webinar.

Or you can ask registrants to send you questions.

Andrew Warner Facebook Messenger bots

They will be excited to see if their question gets answered in the webinar.

Similarly, you could send out a poll, the results of which they will be curious to see in the webinar.

Most importantly, you’ll want to send out automated reminders for the webinar.

People will forget about your webinar if you don’t.

This worked well for a webinar Bot Academy hosted.

They sent out this reminder one hour before the webinar.

webinar reminder(Image Source)

Then another reminder two minutes before the webinar.

sending webinar reminder(Image Source)

These messages saw 95% open rates and a 42% click-through rate when they went live.

messenger bots increase webinar attendance(Image Source)


Through their automated messages, they actually got people to attend the webinar.

You mustn’t forget to follow up with attendees after the webinar either.

At this time you can encourage people to buy a product related to the webinar.

Make an exclusive, limited-time offer to those who attended.

make limited time off for webinar(Image Source)

Opesta also automates segmentation based on behavioral triggers you set up.

This means you can segment those who attended a different message to those who didn’t.

Automation really does make for efficient communication.

Write Messenger Copy That Converts

Writing copy for Messenger is totally different to writing emails.

It’s important that you get it right.

Good writing is at the heart of AI.

Think of it this way: Google hired writers from Pixar and The Onion to make its Assistant AI more engaging.

If your messages are bland and generic, people are going to disengage.

Plus, boring messages may mean a boring webinar.

You want users to relate to your messages and take action i.e., attend your webinar.

How do you write good copy for Messenger?

Firstly, you need to write in a way that people are used to.

Emails contain lengthy amounts of copy.

But in Messenger, people write short, snappy sentences.

They send multiple messages at a time and use emojis.

Your Messenger bot should do the same.

Woebot, a bot that helps people with mental health, does this pretty well:

helping people with Facebook messenger bots(Image Source)

The format is just like a standard conversation you would have with a friend.

Get down to the core of what you want to say, and you’ll be able to shorten your messages.

Conversational UI specialist, Hans van Damm says,

“Every sentence has to drive the conversation forward and bring the user closer to his goal.”

Dialogue has to be useful and engaging at the same time.

So the language used should be natural and similar to a regular Messenger conversation, too.

You’ll likely develop multiple conversational scripts.

And wind up with something fun like this bot from American Eagle Outfitters:

American Eagle Messenger bot(Image Source)

Notice how the writing is totally familiar as in “Hey girl…”

Plus, they make use of slang and a bunch of emojis.

This emulates a casual conversation.

And would definitely appeal to their target audience of young women who likely have chats like this with their friends on the daily.

To optimize your copy for Messenger, you should also track interactions.

Is there a point where users usually drop off?

If so, carry out AB testing with different dialogue to improve your messages and keep users for longer.

Essentially, it’s all about engaging users so that they follow your reminders and attend your webinar.


Optimize the Timing of Your Messages

You know what they say:

Timing is everything.

Hamish McCollester, Creative Director at Rapp LA, says,

“With a deeper awareness of the issues in play, you can use the “time factor” to your advantage and better set up your campaigns for success.”

If you can hit up people at the right time, then you’re more likely to get a response or have people carry out an action.

And if you’re automating messages, it’s easy to choose the timing of each message strategically.

Let’s get to our first key statistic.

15% of registrations occur 3-4 weeks before a webinar.

promote your webinar early(Image Source)

This seems mighty early.

But some people like to be the early bird, I guess.

15% is significant enough a statistic to warrant a reaction.

It shows that you can and should start promotions for your webinar early.

Moving on, 24% of all webinar registrations take place on Tuesdays.

best time to get people to register for webinar(Image Source)

All weekdays are strong performers, but Tuesdays are the best.

Why are Tuesdays so great? Who knows.

But it doesn’t matter, if people like to register on a Tuesday then pay attention to that fact.

Be sure to promote on those high-performing days.

The best time to promote a webinar is between 8 AM and 10 AM.

best time to get people to register for webinar(Image Source)

Schedule your messages to go out at that time, and you’ll be onto a winner.

People will engage on their way to work in the morning.

Last but not least, 69% of registrations occur in the week before the webinar.

And 33% of registrations happen on the day of the webinar.

best time to get people to register for webinar(Image Source)

Some people sure like to cut it fine, don’t they?

So when it comes to your promotions and messages, start your efforts three to four weeks before your webinar.

The early birds will want to sign up then.

But you should focus your time and energy on the week leading up to your event, and even on the day.

Promote your webinar hard that week to get as many conversions as possible.


Yes, getting people to attend your webinar is difficult.

But it’s not impossible.

Especially when you leverage Facebook Messenger to increase conversions.

A strong landing page is necessary to get users to sign up in the first place.

When they opt-in to receive Facebook messages from you, set up automated messaging sequences.

Your messages should build anticipation for the big event.

Plus, provide reminders to get the user to act.

Your Messenger bot needs to be highly engaging if you want people to interact with it.

This means that good writing is a must.

And finally, you can optimize the timing of your messages and promotions to get as many responses as possible.

Now it’s over to you.

Start by putting together an appealing landing page so that people will want to sign up for your messages.

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