Is Your Email Marketing Not Working As Well As It Once Did?
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How To Consistently Get 90% Open Rates Without Changing One Word
And it’s completely legal and ethical, I’ll prove it to you...
From The Desk Of Ethan Sigmon

Tempe, AZ. 

If getting your messages opened, read, and clicked on is crucial to your business success (and we’re guessing it is if you’re here) then read on... 

I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. 

But first let’s get something out on the table immediately...
Email Marketing Is Dead!

You’ve heard that before right? 

Well if you run any sort of business online and actually utilize email marketing, then you know as well as I do that email marketing definitely isn’t dead. My companies, as well as every single one of my private consultation clients use it everyday and it’s working just fine. 

But there is a problem... 

And it’s a BIG one. 

You see, saying “email marketing is dead” is like saying your car is broken just because you’re stopped in a traffic jam on the freeway.  

The car isn’t broken... 

But it is severely limited by what it can do while surrounded by traffic. 

Go ahead and jump on the gas and you’ll see what I mean by “severely limited” as you smack the bumper of that huge tattooed Harley biker dude in front of you. 


And that’s just like the problem with email marketing today… 

There’s a traffic jam in your inbox with every single business fighting to get off at that exact same exit. 

And the exit sign reads…
And as you’d imagine, there ain't many gettin off.

Most just disappear in the traffic jam never to be seen, read, or even recieve the gosh dang common courtesy of being deleted. 

Poor lil email. 

And I’m not just making this stuff up either... 

Epsilon’s latest quarterly email trends and benchmarks report shows email open rates have dropped to averages of 23.5%. With click-through rates at a low of 2.7% 

And yes there are still plenty of people out there making email work... 

And yes you should definitely still be emailing... 

But here’s the thing… 

Many of us are spending ridiculous amounts of time, money and energy on tweaking headlines, improving copy, or gasp! giving away more freebies just to try and inch up our open rates and improve our conversions. 

And sometimes they work...but a lot of times they don’t. 

There’s no predictably to it. 

And as a business owner, what makes us sleep at night is having some level of predictability in our marketing campaigns. 

So it's a problem.
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The battle for attention is being waged by small and large companies throughout the planet.
What once was only used for communication by family, friends, or businesses you actually signed up for, is now being used by some mysterious Nigerian Prince who wants to donate his family's multi-million dollar inheritance to...that’s right, you! 

Gosh, some people have all the luck. 

So, like anything else, we humans evolve and have come to heavily guard our inbox. 

In fact we now open the inbox looking to delete emails. 


And this is great news if you’re trying to avoid people like our little royal friend mentioned above… 

But it’s absolutely devastating if you're a business trying to get your emails opened, read, and most importantly...ACTED upon. 

Which is why we’ve seen the decline in email roi over the last 5 years. 

But where one door closes, a window opens? Or is it one window closes, and a door opens? Or… Ah, screw it! You know what I mean... 

There’s a better way. 

Look, from over the 100’s business I’ve worked with -- including some of the biggest volume emailers and names you’d surely recognize -- I can tell you this… 

Your emails are most likely already good enough that you could easily double your sales if…
More people just opened the dang thing!
If NOTHING else changed...and the subject line, email copy, and call to action all stayed exactly the SAME…

I can almost promise you’d nearly double your sales overnight. 

Because if instead of 20% open rates, you were getting 50 or 60% open rates, well that’s double. 

Pretty easy math right? 

Well, get this… 
The Facebook Messenger gets 80% to 90% open rates! 
​That is not a typo.

The messenger platform has over 1 billion active users. More than double the active users of Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest combined! 

So on average, 80% to 90% of Facebook messages are opened and they get a 7 to 10 times higher click through rate than email.
So let’s take our friend Email Ernie and assume right now he’s got a list of 5,000 people.

And Email Ernie's no chump! 

He’s studied copywriting, marketing, and Gone Through Authority Hacker Course and knows how to work an email list. 

But he still hovers around industry average of about 20% open rates. Which gives him roughly about 1,000 eyeballs on that email he just sent. 

Which again, ain’t too shabby and plenty of people are doing just fine off those numbers. 

But now imagine Email Ernie decides to try this SAME MESSAGE… 

...but inside Facebook Messenger.
Same 5,000 Prospects
Same Copy
Same Call to Action
He presses send and...PRESTO!

Like magic, Email Ernie is now having 4,500 eyeballs seeing his message! 

70% more opens WITHOUT changing one word. 

3,500 more people read that message than he averages with his normal email. 

See what I mean when I tongue in cheek promised even if you changed nothing you’d most likely be able to double your sales almost overnight? 

It’s not because I’m some sort of marketing prophet... 

It’s just simple ‘no genius required‘ mathematics. 

Imagine how this transforms your business... 

Your prospects open their email looking to delete... 

...but they open the messenger looking to engage.
Increased open rates + Higher click throughs = More Sales.
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Gosh again with the complicated math I apologize.

Again, this is no hard knock on email. We will continue to use it. 

But not taking advantage of what’s actually going on out in reality, is like refusing to fly in planes because viking ships have worked for thousands of years and can still get you across the Atlantic. 

You’ll still travel...but you’re leaving A LOT on the table. 

Consider this… 

According to Facebook's publicly released financial statements, in Quarter 2 of 2018 one of the company’s largest expense at 22% of total revenue ($2.5 BILLION) was spent on R&D.
I.e. how to continue to keep the attention of it’s users.

Yes, that’s of the largest (and smartest) companies in the world spends more in ONE quarter than the entire annual GDP of Belize, currently of 1.8 billion. 

But then again I guess I can’t scuba dive in Facebook...yet? 

Their entire business rests upon figuring out how to make us pay attention on it’s platform. 

And from the success of Facebook… 

Or the fact that they are already running out of ad space according to a July 2017 article in TechCrunch… 

I think it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. 

Now will the messenger open rates and click throughs ultimately decrease and people become warped to it just like email? 

Of course. 

But that ain’t gonna be anytime soon and it for sure gives smart business owners enough time to get to the party early and take full advantage.
Which Is Why We Created...
Opesta is the First Facebook Messenger Automation Platform.
It’s behavior based marketing within the messenger platform. 

And to be clear, this is NOT just another chatbot or some sorry attempt to improve upon bots. 

In fact we’re not a bot at all.

Normal chatbots feel fake…

…complex or complicated to use...  

...and aren’t flexible to customizing more than a simple decision tree.
This leads to your prospects NOT taking the next step and you losing sales.

It’s like how you get frustrated when you’re dealing with an automated “person” when trying to get something done over the phone but have to press 4,000 buttons just to speak to someone. 

Instead, we’re more like a marketing automation solution but now inside your Facebook messenger.
Here’s What Makes Opesta So Cool!
We can actually see who comes to your website then market to them based on who they are, where they came from, and what they specifically did while on your site.

You see once someone subscribes to your database we’re able to create a complete profile for them, tracking every interaction they have with you...
  •  How long do they stay on your website?
  •  How many messages have they opened?
  •  What pages have they viewed?
  •  How often do they come back?
  •  What free offers have they requested?
  •  What did they purchase?
And a whole bunch more.

But here’s the real cool part… 

We can take all of this data for that ONE prospect and... 

Create entire sequences based upon their actions! 

This means if someone opts in for your free report about XYZ, they’ll be communicated with much differently than someone who opted in for ABC report. 

Segmentation, it’s essentially the key ingredient to successful marketing… 

Unique, targeted messages to one person. 

This sort of communication creates increased engagement, higher open rates and conversions, and ultimately more sales

Not to mention it doesn’t feel “fake”. 

With normal chatbot services prescribing to a “one shoe fits all” type of approach, your prospects end up seeing the smoke and mirrors. 

They know it’s all automation and it doesn't feel PERSONAL. 

It not only hurts your conversions, but your future communication as well. 

With Opesta there is no cookie cutter responses. 
See For Yourself How Simple It Is To Setup Targeted Messenger Automoations That Sell Your Product Better Than Email...
You can take the time to think of exactly what the best message would be for someone in that specific sequence.

You can get as detailed as you want! 

And we’d recommend it. 

The more relevant your messaging feels to your prospect, the more likely they are to trust you and get value from your relationship. 

This is what your customer wants. 

And it’s what we strive to give to them. 

Opesta will let you speak directly to your visitor, giving them the message they need, at the time they need it, and in a place they WILL see it. 

So when your prospect opts into your free report… 

They’ll get put into a specific sequence within messenger and continued to be communicated with UNTIL they take whatever next step you have for them. 

Opesta brings the best of email marketing automation features directly into the “high attention” getting Facebook Messenger platform.
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