Opesta Landing Pages – My very own in house tool designed and proven to generate real estate leads. This is a tool I created to complete my online real estate marketing funnels. I can’t produce a Real estate lead online without it and now I have made it available for you!

Bluehost – 100% of the websites I design or own are hosted on Bluehost. Why? They simply have the FASTEST, safest, most friendly way to use WordPress. You can even use the same hosting account for different domains! This makes it really easy to build multiple sites for each niche. Click here to get a half off discount through me.

MailChimp – Your biggest asset with online marketing is your email list. Mailchimp makes this easy with simple campaign setup, tons of free newsletter themes and easy forms. - The number one tool to use when sharing any content on your social media platforms. If you are not using this tool you’re missing countless leads.

Google Analytics – Track and measure your marketing activities over time – 100% NECESSARY

Themeforest – Biggest selection of WordPress themes out there. Choose a reputable builder.

Pixlr – Photoshop – For FREE! Easily create custom images for everything you do

Trello – Create micro tasks and make sure they get done – Super useful for managing a big To-Do list


Step by Step Guide to Facebook Ads

When to Post on Social Media


OkDork - The personal blog of Noah Kagan, marketing guru and business genius

Nate Desmond - The personal blog of Nate Desmond. A growth hacker and current YouTube marketing employee.

Kopywritingkourse - Learn how to write compelling text that leads to sales (copywriting). Master this skill and watch your career and life change.