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Facebook Messenger usership has grown since 2014. (Image Source) That massive usership makes the platform ripe for lead collecting. And interest spiked when Facebook announced that they were officially opening the platform for chatbots. (Image Source) But how do you make the most of Facebook Messenger and the robots that live there? By taking advantage of the bots, of course. Chatbots allow you to automate prospect conversations, making the follow-up process faster than it would be otherwise. Which means that you’ll generate more leads and make more sales. After all, the faster you follow up with prospects, the more people
In 2008, Barack Obama announced Joe Biden as his choice for Vice President… Over a text message. To more than three million Americans. Some publishers call that message the most important text in SMS history. And despite your political leanings, you have to admit the savvy behind Obama’s decision to reveal his Vice President in such a personal way. As one commentator points out, “He knew how important and personal it was to the people. This clever bit of campaigning helped him rally millions of voters to his side and generate record contributions from contributors.” But… it makes you wonder.
For years, businesses have craved the ability to address customer needs immediately. But they’ve always struggled to pull it off. With phone support, customers can get one-on-one help with any issues they’re having. But that usually only happens after the customer spends a hefty amount of time listening to shoddy music. Then, businesses tried to automate their phone service. They hoped for several results. First, they hoped that an automated phone service would cut costs by cutting employment. Second, and more important for the customer, they hoped that long wait-times would become a thing of the past and customers would get their questions answered quickly
I remember noticing a case study about a friend of mine who made $10,000 from one chatbot interaction. “Wow!” I thought to myself, “I want to do that.” So I read the whole thing from top to bottom. And you know what I found? Well, nothing that impressive. The $10,000 interaction was actually just a simple series of questions and answers. The bot would ask, “Do you want this service?” and the lead would respond, “Yes, I do.” Of course, the case study tried to illustrate the power of chatbots, but I just kind of sat there thinking, “I’m not