As you grow your subscriber list you will often notice that underneath the name column it will say "Unknown" rather than their first and last name.

There are two reasons they come up as unknown:

  1. These individuals did not subscribe correctly to the messenger on your Facebook page. 

  2. They have never sent your Facebook page a message or engage in any way via messenger. 

That begs the question, if they are unknown, how did they get on your subscribers list?

There are multiple possible reasons for this:

  1. They might have clicked on your Facebook ad which triggered a message to them, but they never sent a response of any kind. 

  2. They opted in via a trigger you have set up, or checkbox button, but they never replied to the opt in message.

  3. While using a Shopify plugin or another plugin that sends the customer messages with tracking information or other follow up messages about their order, but the customer never never replies to the messages. 

How to get them from "Unknown" to a true subscriber:

The most important thing to remember when trying to get them to become a true subscriber is that they need to engage with your messages via Facebook messenger. With that in mind, the more interactive your messages are, the more likely they are to respond. By them messaging you, clicking on a quick reply, or any other way of engaging in the messenger then they will be updated subscribers with their first and last name.

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