Trying to figure out how to automate a conversation within messenger? Well look no further! 

To start creating and using the keyword triggers go into the Campaign/Sequence you are wanting to add the keywords and click, "ADD TRIGGER"

Click on, "Keyword Trigger"

A pop-up will appear:

Below, "Apply trigger for keywords that meet the following criteria:" the rules are as follows:

Message is:
This rule tends to be the most strict. If the message from the subscriber varies away at all from what you type in then the message will not be triggered. For example: 

if you set up the message trigger to be, "Hello" and the subscriber writes, "Hellloo" then the message will not be triggered. 

Message Contains:
This rule is a lot more lenient. As long as the subscriber uses the word that you set up then it will trigger. For example:

if you set up the message trigger to be, "Hello" and the subscriber writes, "hello i want to know more" then the message will be triggered. 

Just a couple things to remember when using this rule: 

First, short keywords such as "hi", "no", "yes" because they can actual trigger messages unintentionally. Think about how people will respond and write out the triggers accordingly, also you will learn from the responses as you continue to use the platform. 

Second, if and when the subscriber uses two different keywords in the same response it will trigger only the first one. The second trigger in the response will be ignored. 

Message begins with:
This message will be triggered based how the subscriber begins their message. For example:
If you create a rule when the subscriber asks, "What time" it will reply with the hours of the business. 

Congratulations on creating your first trigger!
Now that you have created your message triggers you can sit back and relax. Anytime a subscriber replies with the trigger you have set up they will be placed into the sequence you created the trigger within. If you have any questions after reading this post you can reach out to us at [email protected]

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