To start you will need to create the post on the business account that you have linked to Opesta.  You can set it up to where if someone comments anything they will receive an automated message. Or you can set it up so that only specific comments will trigger the message. 

After Creating the post, go to the Campaign tab in Opesta.

Select the campaign (Or create a new one) that you want people to be placed in when they become a subscriber. Then select the sequence (Or create a new one) that you want them to be placed in when they become a subscriber. Now you should be on the Triggers page. Click on, "ADD TRIGGER"

Select "Comment Trigger"

You can label this trigger whatever you would like. 

Next you will select the Facebook post that you want attach this comment trigger to. 

There will be a list of posts from your page, select the one you want. NOTE: the posts are in chronological order.
If you do not see the post, you can just enter the "Post ID" .

Now to create potential rules for the comments that will trigger the message. 

Track Replies: This feature will allow you to track and message not only comments, but also the replies on comments. NOTE: you can toggle this on and off.
Exclude Comments With These Keywords: If someone comments any of the words you list here then they will not be tagged or trigger any message.
Only Trigger For Comments With These Keywords: When they comment specific keywords then it will trigger. NOTE: This rule can be very strict. For example: If you want the keyword to be "yes" someone might type "yess" and they will not trigger the message. But you can add variations of "yes" to correct for that.

Another option is not placing any rules at all. This way if anyone comments anything then they will receive a message.

Next you will write out the message that is sent if someone comments on the post.

In order for the person commenting to become a subscriber they must reply to this message. So its time to be creative! Once you click on, "Create Trigger" then your comment trigger will be live. If you have any questions you can reach out to us at [email protected]

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