To start you will need to go to your campaigns tab and click on the campaign that will we set the delay/date schedule for.

Next, select the sequence you want to add a timer to.

After you select the sequence, at the top after you have created your Trigger, click on "Content"

Here, you will see a list of the messages that you have created. On the left of each message, you will be able to edit when that message is sent. A pop-up will appear allowing you to choose when the message will be delivered:

Note: Date timer mode allows you to schedule at a specific date and time or within a date/time range.
Delay timer mode schedules the amount of time that elapses between messages.

Here you have the options of being very broad and send the message every day of the week, or being very specific. You also have the option to send the message out immediately. The options of when to send your messages are limitless. 

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