The Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel

Ad -> Landing Page -> Lead Magnent

  • The Ad

    The Ad

    Anything with a call to action, used to generate traffic. This can include Facebook ads, valuable content, picture ads, etc.

  • The Landing Page

    The Landing Page

    A webpage that has a form, and exists solely to capture a visitor's information through that form.

  • The Lead Magnet

    The Lead Magnet

    Any item of value that a user would be willing to exchange information for. Exclusive content, guides, checklists, a product.

These Landing Pages will help you generate more real estate leads (aka more listings) really really fast…like this week!

I really messed up…..

A year ago it was a Tuesday night and I couldn’t fall asleep.

It was because I was because I was learning things that opened my eyes so wide I felt like I was watching the movie Interstellar for the first time.

I was reading marketing material about a tool commonly known as “Landing Pages” to most of the world.

And the reason I was up so stinking late was because I was re-thinking every web page I had ever used in my entire life to generate leads.

I was starting to see I had done it all wrong. Wasted thousands of dollars and missed out on a lot more.

In fact I had landed one of the largest marketing accounts I ever had just months before and was barely making money from it…

Speaking of that marketing account, I thought it would be the PERFECT testing grounds to try out my newly found landing page techniques.  Why?

Well because that account had a large marketing budget and I had already optimized my advertising. I was pushing a ton of targeted traffic to our current web pages and was barely getting 75 leads a week.

And here’s the thing:

Most of the traffic was leaving and not submitting any sort of contact information! 

Here’s what one of the webpages looked like.

It had everything the client wanted. A nice menu, a brief job description, the email for applications. They thought it worked great.


So what would happen when someone would get to one of these pages? Here’s the stats:

  • Page Views Weekly: 600
  • Leads Weekly: 75
  • Cost of advertising weekly: $225
  • Charge to client weekly: $250
  • Net Profit: $25


So with the desire to make more money from this account, I embarked on a journey to change this around.

If I couldn’t get information from the people I was getting to come to my webpage, I was really in trouble.

After studying landing pages, I finally realized something about the marketing world and all the different mediums of lead generation:

Facebook Ads = What makes a high lead generating Facebook ad?  A good landing page and psychology.

Email marketing = What makes a high converting email list?  A call to action, a Landing Page, and a lead magnet.

Content marketing = What makes people give you their contact information after reading your articles?  Great content which is usually a combination of very helpful info and a lead magnet.

What I’m blatantly trying to show you here is that ALL GREAT MARKETING COMES DOWN TO PROMPTING ACTION:

Someone is a lot more likely to give you their contact information (which is valuable to them) when you offer valuable information in return:

Offer value, for value!


If you’re trying to generate a lead, you are trying to convince someone to give you their valuable contact information.

And guess what?

There’s good and bad ways of doing this.

When I first learned about landing pages I was staying up till 3 in the morning studying different techniques and tactics.

I was both happy AND sad I had just learned about it.

Happy because now I felt like I’d be successful in life since I could generate 10x more leads.

Sad because I had only just now learned this.

I remember when I first got my real estate license. I decided I wanted to farm leads online and tried making all these niche sites. Golf Course homes, horse properties, waterfront properties, etc. People could come to my site and search these properties.

It took sooo much time to build all of them and I never got a single lead!

No one wanted to search for homes on some persons site they had never heard of! There was Zillow or Trulia and those sites are way more reputable!

You see, back then I had NO idea how to convert leads online. AND HOW WOULD I?

Its not something you learn in real estate school. Even if you learn how through the School of Hard Knocks, you still might be doing it the wrong way.

In case you’re wondering, I would’ve targeted the niches in a totally different way. I wouldn’t have invested so much time and money into build full websites.

Instead I would have created an item of value (lead magnet) for each niche.

My would have hit each psychological trigger that makes someone want to trade information for my information.

Perfect Real Estate Lead Magnets:

  • Home Buyer’s Guide
  • Home Seller’s Guide
  • Relocation Packet
  • Neighborhood Market Report
  • Email New Listings
  • Property CMA
  • How To eBooks or Videos – How to Stage Your Home, How To Increase The Curb Appeal, How To Buy A Foreclosure, etc.
  • Reports – Neighborhood, School, Crime, etc.
  • Lists – Bank Owned, Short Sale, 203k eligible, etc.
  • Real Estate Related eBooks or Videos – Landscaping, Remodeling, Investment Opportunities, Flipping A House, etc.


Someone is MUCH more likely to give me their contact information for some of my “exclusive” information.

The cool thing is, you can find a lot of these lead magnets pre made, all over the internet. You just need to integrate them into you landing page.

Who are our landing pages for?

  • Real Estate agents who are spending money on any form on online advertising
  • Real Estate agents who want to generate more leads online in the most effective way possible
  • Mortgage brokers who want an item of value that they can use to network with more real estate agents
  • Title Companies who want to provide unique advertising material for the real estate agents in their area


30 day money back guarantee

Interested? What are you waiting for!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free landing page?

We do not offer a free page, but we will make you a risk free guarantee. We don’t want to bait and switch you into a subscription plan, we feel that is a bad business practice. Instead, if you dont love our listing landing pages, just email us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What is a “landing page”?

A “landing page” is any page on the web on which one might land that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form.

Can I use my own Lead Magnet?

Yes, you can upload it during the order process and we will make sure it is used.

Is my  landing page mobile responsive?

Our pages are mobile responsive. there won’t need to be any changes made for the pages to be optimized for mobile devices.

What if I decide Opesta isn’t working for me?

We bill monthly so you can cancel at any time. No fees and cancellation is easy. Cancellation can be done right from your online account.

Do I have to know how to build websites?

No! We build the sites for you, all you have to do is focus on marketing.

How do I have my listing landing pages built?

Once you have a subscription, simply enter our website site, login and select “Request Your Landing Page.” After that its a simple as filling out our 3 step form and hitting submit!

Try Opesta Landing Pages Risk Free

30 day money back guarantee. You can even keep the pages we already made.


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  • 15 Landing Pages
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  • Leads Emailed to You
  • SEO Optimized Page
  • Professional Page Setup
  • 100% Mobile-Friendly
  • Speed Optimized Page


Month to month


  • 250 Landing Pages
  • Pre-built Lead Magnets
  • Leads Emailed to You
  • SEO Optimized Page
  • Professional Page Setup
  • 100% Mobile-Friendly
  • Speed Optimized Page


My landing page from Opesta has generated more leads than my IDX website has in the past five years. The best part is that the leads come right to my email address instantly!

Tim Owens


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