Would landing pages work for real estate?

so now that I realized that I could change the web page I sent traffic to and people would fork out their information….. I was eager to apply this new found superpower to something else.

I constantly played with the Drivin landing page and it started to do even better! I started bringing in more and more money from that account because I was able to get my cost per lead down despite the hard space we were trying to get applicants in.

There was a ton of other businesses I could use landing pages for, but my favorite part of the journey was when I started experimenting with real estate leads. (I felt like Bill Nye, but it looks like he might have digressed…)

I had my real estate license but hadn’t used it in that state for about a year.

So it was at this time I convinced myself to try this “Landing page stuff” out on the real estate industry. If it worked I could just refer the lead out!


When I was selling, I had tried to generate leads online with absolutely no success. I really didn’t think you could do it without a huge budget.

I was trying to do what everyone else at the time was doing. Building niche sites with IDX searches then praying someone contacted you…. Not likely!

So here I was…. building a web page that was the complete opposite of what I had always done.

I included a picture of one of the original landing pages I made. Click the link to view the actual page.



Its about as basic as it gets. Nothing fancy here, just a page with a focused purpose, a form, and a targeted lead magnet.

Anyhow, I made the page, ran my ads, and waited…
Waited to see if people would click on the ads.
Waited to see if people wanted my lead magnet.
Waited to see if people trusted the Landing page.
Waited to see if people would even give me their contact information!

The results were:

Two days after I started my ads I had collected over 40 real estate leads!

How bout THEM apples!!!!

In a couple days I’ll continue the story….

P.S. You can see how the lead magnet works by simply opting into the landing page yourself. Check it out here:


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